The Light Clock can connect to your existing WiFi network, allowing for quick and easy customisation. When you first plug in The Light Clock, your device recognises your WiFi signal; simply enter your network details and The Light Clock will be accessible from practically any other web-enabled device on your network. Being connected to the internet also allows the light clock to keep perfect time.

Our easy-to-use web app is available on Mac and PC, iOS and Android, and any other device with browser access. If you can access the internet on it, you can probably control The Light Clock with it. We have even used a Kindle!

The Light Clock uses 120 individual LEDs, each able to display over 16 million colours. This gives you infinite possibilities for tailoring The Light Clock to your environment or mood. Customise all of the features of The Light Clock:

Night Mode
Seconds Hand
Time Zone
Hour Markings

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