We recommend that you run the first connection of your Light Clock before mounting it on your wall. All clocks were of course tested before shipping, but it is often easier to complete this initial setup before putting it on the wall. Setup is a relatively simple process and we’re always here to help if you’re having trouble with these instructions.

1: Plug your clock into the wall outlet

2: On another WiFi enabled device, open your WiFi setup and you should see a network called “The Light Clock”. Connect to it.

3: The menu may open automatically. If not, open your internet browser (Chrome, Safari, Browser, etc) and type into the address bar (where you would normally type

4: Select your regular home WiFi network from the list, then press “Submit”. If your network is hidden; select “other”, and type your network name, before pressing submit.

5: Enter your network password and press “Submit”.

6: Select your time-zone from the drop-down list and tick the box if it is currently daylight savings. Press “Save and Restart”.

7: Wait ~20 seconds, then unplug and re-plug your clock from the wall outlet.

8: Reconnect to your device to your home WiFi network.

Your Light Clock should now connect to your network and tell the correct time. If not, retry the above steps again.

To find the menu to start customizing, see below depending on your device:

iPhone/iPad/Mac: Head to “thelightclock.local/” in your browser and bookmark this page for future use. (this was incorrectly given as thelightclock.loca/ in the “Quick Setup” guide that came with your clock)

Android: Open Google Play on your device and search for the “Fing” app. Download and Open it. On the list, click the device called “Espressif Inc” or "The Light Clock". Click “Scan Services” then click "Port 80" to open the menu in your browser. Bookmark this page for future use.

Windows: Open “Network” and under “Other Devices” you will find thelightclock( Double-click and the menu will open.