To update your light clock: Navigate to your light clock (either via network search, or thelightclock.local depending on your device)

In your browser, type /update AFTER what is already there (you will see either an IP address, or thelightclock.local do NOT replace this text, just add /update after it)

This page will prompt you to upload a file. Choose the latest update from below.

V1.1 Sun and Moon

Night Mode:
There are now 5 different ways to show the time at night. Choose from classic dots, completely black, ultra-dim, the exciting new “moon phase” which will show the actual moon phase, or disable night mode completely.

Dawn Break:
From the settings menu, you can enable “Dawn Break” this will get the clock to “wake up” with a sunrise starting 1 hour before your wake up time.

Alarm Enhancements:
The alarm will now flash indefinitely when the timer completes, you will have the option to cancel the alarm (at any time) from the main menu.

Night Mode Bugfix:
Fixed a bug when night mode was set to something other than either side of midnight.

Update: Added a link to update the clock so future updates are simpler.

V1.0 The Light Clock