HOW DOes this unique Wall clock TELL THE TIME?

To create the hour and minute hands, The Amazing Light Clock projects light in two different colours. At first glance this might seem complicated, but very quickly you’ll notice that you can read it with ease.

In this example we’ve used yellow light as the hour hand, and blue light as the minute hand. Comparing each Light Clock with the corresponding traditional displays, you can see how each colour comes to an edge where a hand would normally be.

how to tell time
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The Light Clock is at home in any environment

WiFi control

The Light Clock connects to your home WiFi ensuring perfectly accurate time, and a web-app to control colors and features.


The Light Clock can wake you up gently, but simulating a sunrise before you get up. This is a much more gentle start to the day, leaving you fully rested and ready to be productive all day.


The Light Clock can light up your life, but at night you want it to let you sleep. Choose from 5 different night modes including dots, dim, off, and showing the current moon phase. Cool Right?

This Unusual Clock will intrigue you and your friends every day. Customized it and light up your life!